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Understanding KINNECT's Pre-Employment Functional Reports
Understanding KINNECT's Pre-Employment Functional Reports

How to interpret KINNECT's Pre-Employment Functional Reports

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When it comes to hiring the right candidate for a job, ensuring they can perform the required tasks safely and effectively is paramount. At KINNECT, our pre-employment functional reports serve as a crucial tool in assessing an individual's functional capacity for a specific job role. These reports are designed to provide insights into a candidate's ability to perform essential job functions and to identify any potential risks associated with their employment.

How We Rate Candidates

At KINNECT, we use a rating system to evaluate candidates based on their performance during the assessment. Here's what each rating signifies:

  • A Rating (Very Low Risk): Candidates who receive an A rating have demonstrated excellent functional capacity, indicating a very low risk if employed within the proposed job role. They have successfully met all the necessary criteria and are considered highly suitable for the position.

  • B Rating (Low Risk): Candidates with a B rating have not met some aspects of the assessment, but these deficiencies do not pose an increased risk or are not critical for the proposed role. They are still deemed to be low risk if employed within the job role.

  • C Rating (Moderate Risk): A C rating indicates that while the candidate has not met some assessment criteria, the identified risks can be managed or controlled through the development of a Risk Management/Health Management Plan. These candidates may require specific restrictions or accommodations to safely perform the job.

  • D Rating (High Risk): Candidates with a D rating have not met critical areas of the assessment, posing a significant risk of sustaining a new injury or aggravating an existing one. The identified risks cannot be appropriately managed or controlled through a Risk Management/Health Management Plan.

Understanding Recommendations

The recommendations provided in our pre-employment functional reports are solely focused on the applicant's functional capacity and do not consider medical factors. It's important to note that these reports are based on our interpretation of the results against the requirements of the proposed job role.

Feedback and Updates

While we strive to provide accurate assessments, we understand that our interpretations may not always align perfectly with the demands of a specific job role. We encourage employers to provide feedback on the requirements of the role, which allows us to update our assessment criteria accordingly. Additionally, if new information becomes available, we can review our report and issue a new one as needed.

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