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Important Contacts at KINNECT
Important Contacts at KINNECT

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Pre-Employment Medical Bookings

Assistance with: Arranging and scheduling pre-employment medical examinations. 

Phone: 1300 546 632  

Pre-Employment Medical Results

Assistance with: Providing results and reports from pre-employment medical assessments.  

Phone: 1300 546 632

Health Surveillance Department

Assistance with: Monitoring and managing health risks in the workplace, including ongoing employee health assessments.

Phone: 1300 546 632

Management Team  

Kaitlan Barnham - Pre-Employment & Health Surveillance Department Manager
Phone: 1300 546 632

Sharon Marsh - Clinical Governance Manager

Phone: 0436 805 504

Dave Hughes - General Manager  
Phone: 0408 198 336


Assistance with: Billing enquiries, account information, and financial transactions.

Phone: 07 3999 9305

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