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Helpful information for your Candidates about ResHealth
Helpful information for your Candidates about ResHealth

You can use this information to explain ResHealth to candidates so they understand what to expect from their pre-employment assessment.

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KINNECT have compiled this information to help employers explain to their employees the change to ResHealth and what to expect the next time they will be due for health monitoring.

Feel free to copy this information and include it in your communications during the recruitment process.

Please note, there is a similar guide available for workers undergoing health monitoring.

Information for Candidates about ResHealth

Queensland Coal Mine Workers Medicals have recently changed to a new online system called ResHealth.

Your pre-employment medical will be provided by KINNECT. As you require a Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment as part of your pre-employment checks with us, here is some further information to help you understand the next steps and how this may have changed from what you may have previously experienced.

What is ResHealth?

ResHealth is a new online system developed by Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) to move Coal Board Medicals online. The medicals (previously called Queensland Coal Board Medicals) also have a new name: the Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment (QCMWHS). ResHealth is mandatory from 01 April 2023.

Your Health Assessment in ResHealth Explained

Step 1: Receive Email.

As you require a CMWHS for your role, we will ‘initiate’ a Health Assessment in the ResHealth platform. When we do this, it will trigger an automatic email to you asking you to register in ResHealth and complete your section of the health assessment.

If you have a QGov account, please provide us with the email address/username linked to your account.

If you do not receive your invite email, please make sure you check your junk / spam mailbox.

Please keep this email as you’ll need some of the details within it for the next steps.

Step 2: Q-Gov Verification

Our email will ask you to log-in to ResHealth. As this is a QLD Government platform, and requires a secure login via QGov.

If you already have a QGov account you should be able to log-in using your email and password. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be redirected to ResHealth.

If you don’t have a QGov account you will need to register for QGov account. You'll need to verify your identify with 100 points of ID. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be directed to ResHealth.

Step 3: ResHealth Verification

Once you’re in ResHealth, you'll be required to do the next step of verification. You’ll need to enter the following details:

  • Your QGov username (the email address you used to log into QGov)

  • The HA Reference Number (this is in the email from us)

  • Your Date of Birth

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions

Step 4: Complete your Section of the Health Assessment

The section of the Health Assessment that you need to complete will be to provide your medical and employment history. This will help the doctor providing your Health Assessment to know more about you. It will also help the doctor to identify if you have previously had a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment and if your previous records are available for review. Make sure you complete all the questions and press ‘Submit’.

Step 5: KINNECT will begin arranging your assessment

While you complete your required section, KINNECT will begin making arrangements for your assessment. KINNECT will contact you by email/text to ask for your preferred location and availability for an appointment.

Please that your appointment may include details for an examination by a doctor, and also a Chest X-Ray (ILO) and these may be conducted in different locations. If you are having any additional testing completed for your pre-employment checks, these will also be booked at this time.

Step 6. Confirm you’ve completed your section in ResHealth.

KINNECT will also send you and email/text with a form asking you some questions about your work history and to confirm if you have completed your Section in ResHealth.

This is a really important step as KINNECT will not proceed with booking and confirming your appointment until you've completed and submitted this form. If you arrive at your appointment and your section is incomplete, your appointment may be delayed or need to be rescheduled and additional fees may be incurred.

Step 7. Attend appointment/s.

The next step is for you to attend your appointment and undergo the your medical assessment for the CMWHS. Any additional tests ordered by us (for instance a functional assessment) will also be conducted at this time (again, please note more than one appointment may be required and they may occur in different locations).

Step 8. The EMO Doctor will upload your health information to ResHealth.

Once your appointment is completed, the Examining Medical Officer will upload the details to ResHealth.

Step 9. The AMA Doctor will complete Health Assessment Report.

We have a nominated KINNECT doctor (Appointed Medical Advisor) that will review your medical results and provide a full Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment Report. They will compile this report directly into ResHealth.

Step 10: The Health Assessment Report will be available in ResHealth.

As soon as the AMA has completed your report, it will be available for download in ResHealth. You’ll receive a notification when it is ready (via the email address provided in your QGov account) and we will also get to view this report.

Step 11: Final Pre-Employment Assessment report will be issued to the employer.

KINNECT will then finalise your pre-employment assessment report and provide recommendations to us about your suitability for the prescribed role.

Step 12: Next assessment date logged.

KINNECT will log the date you will be due for your next health assessment.

What if I need help with registering on QGov or ResHealth?

Unfortunately, KINNECT is not able to provide assistance to help you with the ResHealth system. There is help available online on the following links.

If you are having difficulty registering with ResHealth contact the ResHealth team or 07 3818 5420.

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