Add a Service Item to a Referral

How to add service items if missed during referral creation

Updated over a week ago

If you have created a referral and a service item has been left off during the referral creation, you can add a service item to a new referral provided a booking has not yet been made for the referral.

Step 1

Search for the candidate from your dashboard and open the referral.

Step 2

Click Add Service Item on the top menu bar, provided the Appointments card has 'No data to display'.

Step 3

Search for the required service item.

Step 4

Press save and you will see confirmation in top left as well as seeing it in the Top Bar under the Company name as item added.

If you require a service item to be added to the referral and an appointment has already been secured please reach out to our Medical Support Team via our Live Chat and they can coordinate this for you.

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