How to Check the Status of a Booking

How to check the latest status of a Candidate's booking in Carelever

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Step 1 

The Screen dashboard will enable you to easily view all active referrals in your company. To access the Dashboard, simply click "Dashboard" from the Carelever Screen category. To return back to the portal homepage at any time, click on the Carelever logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen.   

Step 2

Your dashboard will show all active referrals from the past 30 days. To filter the order of the referrals, click on the column heading to sort alphabetically or by stage in the booking process. To view the appointment details, simply click on the blue “Details” link once the status has changed to Awaiting Appointment. If you would like to view referrals by stage, the eight boxes at the top of the page are interactive - meaning if you click on these, you will be taken to a list of all referrals currently in these stages. Please note, the red box, “Awaiting Your Response” means the team are unable to move forward with the booking until we receive additional information.  

Step 3

To search for a specific referral, click on “Find a Pre-Employment Candidate” to be taken to a list of all referrals you have access to view. You can again sort the list by clicking on any of the column headers, which now includes referrer details. Depending on your access level, you may only be able to see the referrals you have imported via the portal.  

Step 4

From here, you can also use the advanced search function to search in a variety of ways, including what stage the booking is in or what screening items have been requested!   

Step 5

Once you have found the referral you are looking for, clicking on their name will take you to the referral profile. The profile is your one stop shop for referral information! For example, you can view what was requested in Screening, all appointment details in Appointments (including rescheduled/unattended appointments).


Step 6

Further detail cards are found towards the middle of the screen in their own menu. screen. These cards will include Customer Information, Overview, History, Forms, Results, Documents, Relationships, Billing, Logs, KPI information.

Step 7

Finally, the histories of the referral are a great way for you to stay up to date with how a referral tracking as this will show you a chronological log of all actions - from import to sending of results! Histories will show all emails, SMS, milestones (stage progressions) and internal notes for the referral so you will always know where it is at. You can filter this by contact type by turning the colourful buttons on/off and even add your own notes through “Client Notes.” This will send an email to the team, so they are aware and be recorded in histories too!   

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