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Understanding Fees Associated with Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Assessments (CMWHS)
Understanding Fees Associated with Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Assessments (CMWHS)

What are the costs for a Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment (CMWHS)

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The health and safety of coal mine workers in Queensland is paramount, and one critical aspect of maintaining their well-being is the Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment (CMWHS). This comprehensive assessment helps ensure that coal mine workers are fit and healthy to perform their demanding roles. However, it's essential to understand the various fees associated with this assessment, as they cover a range of services that are crucial for safeguarding the health of these workers.

Health Assessment Fee

The Health Assessment Fee is a fundamental cost associated with the CMWHS. This fee covers the expenses of the Examining Medical Officer (EMO) who performs the assessment on the individual. The assessment process is thorough and includes several essential components, such as:

- Medical History: The EMO takes a detailed medical history from the individual to understand their health background.

- Spirometry Test: This test measures lung function and is critical to assess respiratory health, which is crucial for coal mine workers.

- Vision Test: A vision test is conducted to ensure that the worker's eyesight meets the required standards for the job.

- Urine Test: A urine test is performed to check for any abnormalities or health concerns.

- Comprehensive Physical Examination: This assessment covers various aspects, including the cardiovascular system, neurological health, skin condition, ear and eye health, among others.

ILO Chest X-ray Fee

Another essential component of the CMWHS is the ILO Chest X-ray. This fee covers the cost associated with the Radiology provider performing a chest X-ray and reporting the results according to the International Labor Organization (ILO) standard. The ILO standard is specific to chest X-rays for coal mine workers and is a critical part of the assessment, given the potential risks associated with dust exposure in coal mines.

Lungscreen B-Reader Fee

The Lungscreen B-Reader fee is unique to the CMWHS and is necessary to ensure the highest level of scrutiny in evaluating the chest X-ray results. This fee covers the cost of a Radiology provider performing a secondary read of the ILO Chest X-ray, with the review conducted by an ILO accredited Radiologist. This additional step is a legislative requirement set by Resources Safety and Health Queensland and is designed to maintain the health and safety of coal mine workers.

Other Optional Fees

In addition to the essential fees mentioned above, there are other optional fees that an organization may choose to include in the assessment process, depending on their specific needs. These may include:

Instant Urine Drug and Alcohol Test: Some organisations opt to include this test in the assessment, especially if they want to ensure a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

Pre-employment Functional Assessment: This assessment may be required for certain positions to evaluate an individual's physical capabilities and suitability for the job.

Pre-Employment Medical: While this medical assessment is not mandatory under the CMWHS, some organisations choose to include it. It is assessed to a different standard than the CMWHS and allows organisations to obtain a full copy of the worker's medical results. These results remain confidential under the CMWHS scheme.

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