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How to Arrange a Health Monitoring Assessment for Existing Employees
How to Arrange a Health Monitoring Assessment for Existing Employees

Requesting a Periodic Medical or Health Monitoring Assessment for an Employee

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In this article we will explain the steps to follow in order to request a periodic medical or health monitoring assessment for an existing employee.

Step 1 - Access Carelever Monitor (Should your organisation not have Carelever Monitor access, please request this via the live chat).

Step 2 - Click Request Monitoring.

Step 3 - Search the Employees Name to confirm if they have a file in Carelever Monitor already. If the Employee does not have a file in Carelever Monitor, then you will need to confirm there is no existing baseline information in Carelever Screen that can be sent to Monitor.

If the employee has been moved from Screen to Monitor or has a file in Carelever Monitor already, please ignore the below steps and find the appropriate instructions HERE. NOTE: To ensure accurate, up-to-date health monitoring, it is important your employee only has one Carelever Monitor file under your organisation.

If you have confirmed your employee does not already have a Carelever Monitor file, please proceed to Step 4 below.

Step 4 - Click Add Employee.

Step 5 - Enter the details requested on pages 1 & 2 of the form.

Step 6 - On page 3 of the form, click the + button to search and add the periodic medical requirements. Then click submit.

Step 7 - In the employees Carelever Monitor File, click the 3 dots next to the health monitoring service and select Request Assessment.

Step 8 - Indicate which service/s within that Health Monitoring Program you'd like the employee to complete and then click submit.

Once submitted, KINNECT will be notified of your request and will go about arranging the requested health monitoring service for this employee.

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