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How to Request a Health Monitoring Assessment for an Employee
How to Request a Health Monitoring Assessment for an Employee

This article will explain how you can request a Health Monitoring Assessment in Carelever Monitor.

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If you have an employee enrolled in a Health Monitoring program and they are approaching their next test date, you can easily request their next Health Assessment.

This can be done through the Health Monitoring Overview.

How to Request a Health Monitoring Assessment

Step 1:

From your Carelever Monitor dashboard, check out your Overdue items (in Red), or use the Advanced Search to find employees that are due for their next test in the coming weeks. We recommend you make your request no earlier than 12 weeks before their due date to ensure there is ample time for everything to be completed.

Step 2:
Select the employee that you wish to book an Assessment for and open their file view. You will see all the health monitoring items the employee is enrolled in.

Step 3:

Click the Action icon next to one of the Health Monitoring items and select Request Assessment.

Step 4:

A pop-up menu will open. Here you can choose which items you could like to be assessed by selecting Yes to that item. You can select multiple items on the menu.

Step 5:

Once you have selected the Health Monitoring items, click ‘Proceed’ at the bottom of the menu. The items will be added to the Workflow and KINNECT will receive an email notification.

We will then start making arrangements for the Health Monitoring Assessment by contacting the employee to check their availability.

Top Tip!

Sometimes, a lot of time may have passed since the employee's last health assessment. We recommend that you update the Relationships Tab within the Employee's file so that the right people are informed about appointments and results.

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