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How to complete an Employer Name Change using ResHealth
How to complete an Employer Name Change using ResHealth

This article explains the new process for 'Section 4 Name Change' and how this now works within ResHealth.

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Key points:

  • A 'Section 4 Name Change' is now called a 'Request CMWHS - Employer Name Change'.

  • The HA must be initiated in ResHealth

  • AMA still determines whether the previous medical results can be used or whether the candidate will need to undergo a new medical.

Previously, a Section 4 Name Change was the term we used for updating the employer details on a valid Section 4. To do this, the AMA would need to review the details of the employee’s previous Section 4 and could either accept the Section 4 was still valid, or that there had potentially been a change in health status and request a new full health assessment be undertaken.

The introduction of ResHealth has not changed these facts and you CAN still use health assessment results from a previous employer without necessarily needing to book another full medical. This decision about when you can do this remains at the discretion of your AMA.

The new process:

1. Initiate the HA in ResHealth. You'll need to start by adding the candidate details to ResHealth and initiating the HA like any other assessment. Remember to note the AMA details and the HA number as you'll need to provide them to us in the next step.

2. Add the Candidate to Carelever. When selecting the service, make sure you choose 'Request CMWHS - Employer Name Change' as the service.

3. Enter the HA Number and AMA Number. You'll be prompted to add the HA Number and AMA details via Carelever Forms.

4. Candidate completes their section. When you initiate the HA, Candidate will receive an email prompting them to complete their Section online. KINNECT will also ask the candidate some information about their occupational history and confirm whether they have completed their Section in ResHealth.

Note on accessing previous records:

  • If previous medical was conducted in ResHealth, the AMA will be able to access these records.

  • If previous medical was conducted by KINNECT, we can search for the records in Carelever.

  • If just for spirometry or Chest X-ray, KINNECT will lodge a request to HSU for this information (turnaround time is 5 business days).

  • If full coal board medical, this will need to be requested from the candidate/employee.

5. AMA Reviews Employee Section. The AMA will determine whether the information provided is suitable for a new HA report

Next steps if AMA decides the information provided is suitable for a new HA Report

6. AMA Completes Report. The AMA will complete the HA Report in ResHealth.

7. Report Available. The report will be available for the employer and candidate to view / download in ResHealth.

8. Next assessment date recorded. KINNECT will log the candidate's next HA date and any requirements within Carelever.

Next steps if AMA decides the information provided is NOT suitable for a new HA Report

6. Availability & location obtained by KINNECT. KINNECT will contact the candidate in the normal way to confirm their location and availability for an appointment. We will also ask candidates to confirm whether they have completed their section of the HA in ResHealth. It's important that this is completed in advance of the appointment or it will cause a delay.

7. KINNECT will request for previous medical records. If the candidate has indicated their have previously worked in the Coal Industry, a request will be made to access the candidate's medical records for review

8. Appointment scheduled. KINNECT will schedule the appointment as per the candidate's availability and preferred location. This includes the Health Assessment that will be completed by the EMO, and the Chest X-Ray (ILO).

9. Assessment conducted by EMO. The HA will be conducted by the Examining Medical Officer and the results will be recorded directly into ResHealth.

10. AMA reviews results. The AMA will review the medical information provided by the EMO and compiles the HA Report in ResHealth.

11. HA Report complete. As soon as the AMA has compiled their report, the HA will be ready to view and download in ResHealth. The candidate and employer will receive a notification directly from ResHealth when the HA Report is completed.

12. Results sent from Carelever. Where the candidate has completed a functional assessment or other testing as part of their assessment, the Company Medical / Functional Results AND the HA Report will be sent from Carelever.

13. Next assessment date recorded. The date for the candidate's next health assessment and what is required will be recorded in Carelever for your records.

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