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What happens if an employee/candidate doesn't complete their section?
What happens if an employee/candidate doesn't complete their section?

This article explains the issues with employees/candidates not completing their sections and what you can do about it.

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Once you've initiated a HA in ResHealth, this process will trigger an email asking them to complete their section online. But what happens if they don't comply with this request?

If the worker/candidate hasn't completed this information prior to their assessment with the EMO and we've scheduled their appointment, it is likely their appointment will either have to be rescheduled. Alternatively, the EMO may ask them to complete their Section in the waiting room. In either scenario, the appointment may be significantly delayed and in some cases, reschedule / cancellation fees may be incurred.

Previously, KINNECT would know if a worker/candidate hadn't completed their Medical History as it was visible in Carelever. Due to the way ResHealth has been set up, KINNECT is currently not able to check that the worker hasn't completed their required Section until their appointment.

The situation is not ideal for anyone and we would like to avoid it.

What KINNECT will do:

  • Our communications will make it clear to the candidate/worker that completing the Worker Section in ResHealth is an essential part of their CMWHS.

  • Once you've told us the HA number, KINNECT will contact the worker/candidate to commence arranging their appointment.

  • At this point, we will also ask them to confirm if they have completed their Section in ResHealth.

  • If they do not confirm they have completed their Section, we will not proceed with booking their appointment.

  • If they confirm 'Yes', we will assume it's complete.

  • If they do not confirm they have completed their Section ahead of their appointment, we will advise you.

What you can do to help:

You can really help by ensuring that the planned communications to workers/candidates remind them of the importance of completing their required Section of the HA in ResHealth prior to their appointment and the consequences for not doing this.

If we advise you that the candidate/worker has not yet completed their Section, we ask that you support this by:

  • Call the candidate and ask if they have completed it.

  • Resend the notification via your ResHealth account.

  • Advise KINNECT that the candidate has completed it and can proceed with booking.

We are aware that some workers/candidates may find accessing the system difficult. Please note that KINNECT is not able to provide assistance to help with registration on the ResHealth System. There is help available online via the following links.

Contact the ResHealth team or 07 3818 5420.

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