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July 2023

Improved Results Notifications

Starting from 14 July 2023, you will notice a new format in our email notifications.

The key improvement is the introduction of a clear and concise table within the email notification. This table will outline the outcome for each screening item, providing a comprehensive overview at a glance. To enhance clarity further, we have implemented colour coding specifically for assessments that have a Doctor's Fitness for Work outcome.

This visual cue will make it easier for you to identify important information promptly.

Previously, our email notifications included additional comments, restrictions, and recommendations within the email body. However, to ensure the confidentiality of medical information and to make the result notification emails more user-friendly, we have made an adjustment. The detailed comments and recommendations will now be accessible through the PDF result, which is attached to the email or available for download within Carelever Screen.

By separating the comments and recommendations into the attached PDF, we aim to streamline the email notification itself, making it easier for our customers to review the essential information without compromising privacy and security.

We believe these changes will provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience when reviewing Candidate Pre-Employment Assessment results. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

New Look:

June 2023

Live Bookings

Now, you can easily schedule and confirm a candidate's pre-employment assessment in real time. Simply select from the available appointments at the appropriate KINNECT clinic while submitting the request.

This feature aims to make the booking process seamless and convenient for you. Say goodbye to the delay with waiting for a candidate to submit their availability. With Carelever's live bookings, you can manage everything in one place, anytime, and from anywhere.

February 2023

Two Factor Authentication

Carelever has recently taken a significant step towards enhancing the security of its system by introducing two-factor authentication for all users. This new feature requires users to provide an additional verification step, typically a one-time code sent to their mobile device, to log in to the system. By adding this extra layer of security, Carelever is further safeguarding the confidential data stored within its platform, and ensuring that only authorized users can access it.

More details on Invoices for Rescheduled / Cancelled Fees

Your invoices for reschedule or cancellation fees will now display how many business days' notice was provided and will help justify the fee incurred. This enhancement is aimed at making it easier for our customers to review and approve their invoices, specifically those associated with cancellation or rescheduling. With this added transparency, customers can have a better understanding of the fees and the factors that led to them being applied, and can therefore make more informed decisions going forward.

New Tab in Monitor: Requested Assessments

This new tab in an employee's monitor file, makes is easier to track any assessments requested. You can toggle between current requests, completed requests and even cancelled requests. We built this feature so that customers weren't requesting assessments twice for the same employee.

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