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Streamlining Data Integration: How KINNECT Enhances Carelever with Unique Email Formats
Streamlining Data Integration: How KINNECT Enhances Carelever with Unique Email Formats

Understanding the unique email addresses within Carelever

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In today's fast-paced digital world, streamlining data integration and managing information flow within an organisation's systems are paramount. For businesses handling candidate and employee medical records, seamless communication and documentation are crucial. One such innovative solution that facilitates this process is Carelever, which employs unique email formats to record emails within the history tab of a candidate or employee's file within the system.

Through a distinctive email format, KINNECT ensures that specific emails are automatically captured and recorded within the respective individual's file on the Carelever platform.

The key aspect of this integration lies in the utilisation of unique email addresses appended with specific identifiers. These email addresses, typically formatted as [Carelever Reference Number] or [Carelever Reference Number], serve as unique identifiers linked directly to an individual's file within Carelever.

When correspondences are sent to these specialised email addresses, Carelever recognises the unique identifier associated with the Carelever Reference Number. Upon receipt, the system then automatically archives and attaches the email to the corresponding candidate or employee's file in the Carelever platform's history tab. This process effectively creates a comprehensive audit trail of communication within an individual's profile, simplifying record-keeping and ensuring easy access to crucial information.

This functionality proves invaluable in maintaining accurate and updated records for various interactions, such as appointment confirmations, assessment results, medical inquiries, or any communication related to an individual's file in Carelever. By integrating these unique email formats, KINNECT bridges the gap between communication channels and data repositories, enabling a seamless information flow while maintaining data integrity.

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