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How to request a QLD CMWHS HA Extension in Carelever Monitor
How to request a QLD CMWHS HA Extension in Carelever Monitor
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Extensions for a HA Report are considered under specific conditions:

  • Purpose of Extension: Extensions are primarily provided to allow workers additional time to obtain further medical information or to await a specialist appointment.

  • Limitations: It's important to note that extensions are not granted in cases where coal mine workers were previously advised, well in advance, of their responsibility to obtain further medical information or see a specialist but did not follow these instructions.

Procedure for Requesting an Extension

The process of requesting an extension for a HA Report involves the following steps:

1. Use of Open HA Request: If an extension is needed, the current open HA request in ResHealth will be utilised. It's imperative that this existing request is active.

2. Requesting the Extension in the Employee's Carelever Monitor File:

  1. Once logged in to Carelever monitor, navigate to find the specific employee's file for whom the extension is being requested.

  2. In the employee's file, click on the 'Action' button next to the QLD CMWHS Monitoring program.

  3. Choose the 'Request Assessment' option.

  4. From the available options, select 'QLD CMWHS Assessment - Subsequent Review Extension'. This specific selection corresponds to the extension request for a coal mine worker under the CMWHS.

3. Post-Extension Process:

  • Following the completion and issuance of the extended HA report, it is necessary to lodge a new HA request in ResHealth.

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