Add a health monitoring result for an employee

How to add a health monitoring result for an employee in Carelever Monitor.

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You can now add your own health monitoring results for your employees in Carelever Monitor.

How to Add a Health Monitoring Result

Step 1: On your Dashboard, click or search for the Candidate that you wish to add a result for.

Step 2: Open their file and select "Add Result." This can be done via the Details & Actions ribbon at the top of a Monitor referral:

Or through the "Results" tab below (Add button):

Step 4: All enrolled monitoring programs and associated test items will be available for you to select from.

Step 5: Choose an Enrolled Monitoring item from the list.

Step 6: Choose a Test Item from the List.

Step 7: Click Add in blue.

Step 8: The Add Results pop-up will appear, and the details required will depend on the components of the assessment you have selected. Some are a simple file upload and outcome selection, with others requiring things such as spirometry and/or audiometry data to be transcribed.

Step 9: Enter the Assessment Date at the very top and work down to ensure all fields are completed.

Step 10: Enter the Outcome from the options provided.

Step 11: Upload the result document/s (the maximum upload size is 25MB).

Step 12: Confirm if the employee requires a next test. If No, skip to Step 14.

Step 13: If Yes, ensure both options below are marked as "Yes" which will enable you to provide all next tests and the dates they are due. Don't forget to click "Add" after each test item before saving the modal to ensure they are applied to the program. An example of a successfully added next test can be seen below:

Step 14: If no next test is required, this result is seen as "final" and the whole program's status will be updated to "Completed." This indicates that there are no further assessments required for this program. To do so, simply select "No" as below, to remove the next test item fields.

Step 15: Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ in Blue at the bottom right. Please note uploading inaccurate results or next test requirements can affect the status of the program and therefore may result in the numbers on your company's Dashboard being inaccurate. If you are needing any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to KINNECT via the Live Chat for assistance before adding the result to Carelever.

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