How to send a Screen file to Carelever Monitor

This guide will show you how to send a candidates health information from Carelever Screen to Carelever Monitor.

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Once your candidate has been through the pre-employment process and becomes an employee, you can send their file to Carelever Monitor if they are going to require ongoing health monitoring assessments.

Please note, you'll only be able to send files to Carelever Monitor if your company is enabled for this Carelever module. If you require monitoring for legislative assessments or you would like to engage KINNECT to perform fitness for work monitoring services please request to speak to an Account Manager.

Step 1

Within Carelever Screen, search for your candidate and open their file.

Step 2

To the right of their personal details, you can select Send to Monitor.

Step 3

You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to move this Employee's Baseline Health Information to Carelever Monitor, Click Yes.

Step 4

You will then be prompted to confirm which of the completed components you would like to transfer to the Monitor File.

To enrol the referral in the complete monitoring program required, please select the full medical not the individual components.

Step 5

A referral box will open and it will ask you to confirm the employee details. This includes the employee’s contact information, their role and site and the testing requirements. Please note, this may feel repetitive, however we know that sometimes the information changes between pre-employment and when a candidate is offered a position, so it is important that this information included here is correct.

Step 6

The next stage will ask you to confirm the Contact Details:

Step 7

The final stage is to confirm the Billing Details and Health Monitoring Programs.

Should you require any additional Health Monitoring Programs to be enrolled for this employee you can do so by selecting from the drop down menu.

When you've pressed submit, an employee file will be created for them in Carelever Monitor.

If you need assistance on how to request an assessment for your new referral? Find out how to do this in our next article.

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