Checking who's due and overdue for Health Monitoring

Use our Advanced Search function to see employees due for Monitoring and help you determine when to request an assessment.

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Once your employee is enrolled in Carelever Monitor, it is your responsibility to check when they are next due for monitoring.

The best way to do this is to use the Advanced Search Function where you can find and filter all the health monitoring files for your company.

Step 1: Check for any overdue items

The easiest way to check for employees that are overdue for monitoring is via your Carelever Dashboard. You will always be able to see the number of employees that are Overdue by looking at your red box. It's important that you deal with these ones first to ensure they are booked in as soon as possible.

Step 2: Use the Advanced Search to Check who will be due next.

Click on the Advanced Search button from your dashboard.

The Advanced Search function will then appear which looks like this:

Step 3: Use the Filters to Select the Dates you wish to view

Click on Due Date and use the Calendar function to select the dates you would like to review. (Top Tip: While you do this, you can also check that you haven't got any overdue items by selecting a date range in the past!).

We recommend you search for items that are due to expire in the next 12 weeks. Here is why:

  • We recommend searching for employees that are due to have monitoring items expire within the next 12 weeks as this gives our team ample time to organise the reviews.

  • Some monitoring items require Specialist or Consultant doctor involvement and may take a lot longer to arrange than a normal appointment.

  • Furthermore, unlike pre-employment checks, the availability of workers' to attend appointments without disrupting operations is sometimes difficult - so the more notice you give us, the better.

  • Most importantly, the 12-week timeframe ensures that the employee's monitoring won't expire before they have their health assessment.

  • We do not recommend reviewing employees with monitoring items in excess of 12 weeks as most specialists, pathology and radiology clinics do not accept referrals outside of this time frame.

Step 4

Once the data is filtered, you will see a full list of employees that are either overdue or due for monitoring in the time period you have chosen.

You'll need to go through each individual employee to request an assessment.

Need to request an assessment?

Find out how to do this in our 'How to Request an Assessment' Article.

Did you know?

You can also use the advanced search function in a variety of ways including:

  • to locate all the employees that are enrolled in a particular screening item, OR

  • to highlight all employees enrolled for a particular location.

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