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Assigning KINNECT Doctors as AMA's in ResHealth.
Assigning KINNECT Doctors as AMA's in ResHealth.

This article explains which KINNECT Doctors to assign in your company profile on ResHealth.

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When you set up your company in ResHealth you will be asked to nominate your company's AMA (Appointed Medical Adviser).

​KINNECT is advising all our clients to nominate all of our AMA Doctors. This is so that you can get your results as fast as possible. All ResHealth medicals need to be reviewed and signed off by your company's nominated AMA. If you have only nominated one AMA, and they happen to be away, you may experience a delay.

The list of KINNECT Doctors that are registered AMA's for ResHealth are listed below. You will be able to search for these by name within ResHealth but we have also included their registration numbers to ensure that you have these details correct.

KINNECT AMA's - May 2024

Dr. Matthew Brandt

Registration number P0005947

Dr. David Parker

Registration number P0005472

Dr Gurbakhshish Singh

Registration number P0005927

Dr Kelvin Heng Teck Chong
Registration number P0005327

Dr. Douglas Morison
Registration number P0005766

Dr Indu Vetrivel

Registration number P0005900

Frequently Asked Questions

What if KINNECT AMA's Change?
KINNECT will advise you if you need to make any change to your list of nominated AMAs. Rest assured that our Doctors do not change frequently and you should not have to make changes often.

When I initiate a Health Assessment, aren't we just asked to choose one AMA?

Correct. When you initiate the Health Assessment in ResHealth you'll be asked to nominate just one AMA. You will then need to tell us (via Carelever) the HA Number and which AMA you've nominated. If the AMA you've nominated happens to be away, we can then get another AMA to review the Health Assessment within ResHealth, but only if you have nominated other AMAs in the system.

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