Accessing and Retrieving Old Medical Records from KINNECT

A Step-by-Step Guide on how to obtain previous medical records

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Managing and accessing medical records is crucial for both individuals and organisations, especially when it comes to occupational health assessments. If you're a current or former customer of KINNECT and need to retrieve old medical records, the process is relatively straightforward. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to access your previous pre-employment or health surveillance records conducted through KINNECT.

For Current KINNECT Customers:

1. Search in Carelever:

If you are a current customer of KINNECT, accessing your old medical records is as simple as performing a search in Carelever Screen and Monitor. Login to Carelever and go to either Screen or Monitor.

2. Enter Employee's Name:

Once in Screen or Monitor, enter the employee's name in the search bar. The system will then generate a list of relevant files associated with the name entered.

3. Click on Results Tab:

Locate the desired employee file from the search results and click on the results tab. This will show you the previous medical records available from KINNECT.

For Former KINNECT Customers:

1. Check Your Organisation's Inbox:

If you are no longer a customer of KINNECT, don't worry. As a standard practice, all medical records were sent to you after the assessment was completed. Check the relevant inbox or inboxes your organisation uses to receive medical records.

2. Retrieve Records Independently:

Since records were previously sent to you, you should be able to locate the records by checking your organisation's email or document management system. Look for the relevant files or attachments related to the assessments conducted by KINNECT.

3. Engage KINNECT for Retrieval (Optional):

If you encounter difficulties or are unable to locate the records independently, KINNECT offers a service to retrieve and supply the records for a fee. Contact KINNECT directly to discuss your requirements and receive a quote for the associated costs.

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