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Frequently Asked Questions by Employers and Workers
Frequently Asked Questions by Employers and Workers
23 articles
Understanding Duty of Care Letters in Pre-Employment and Health Monitoring Assessments
Obtaining Your Medical Records from KINNECT: A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Prepare for a Drug Test When Taking Medication
Understanding the KINNECT Pre-Employment Medical and Functional Assessment
KINNECT's Approach to Candidates with Undiagnosed Hypertension
Using Previously Collected Medical Information
Disagreeing with a KINNECT Medical Result: What to Do Next
Understanding Pre-Employment Medical Assessments: No Fail Outcome
Ensuring Quality and Consistency in Health Information: KINNECT's Comprehensive Approach
KINNECT's Complaint Management Process
Accessing and Retrieving Old Medical Records from KINNECT
Navigating Medicinal Cannabis Declarations in Pre-Employment Medical Assessments: KINNECT's Approach
Why KINNECT Doesn't Share Pre-Employment Medical Results with Candidates: A Clarification
Understanding the Difference: Occupational Hearing Audiometry Tests Versus Audiologist-Led Hearing Assessments
Site Access Medicals: Understanding the Process
Level 2 Home Sleep Studies
Obstructive Sleep Disorders Screening
Understanding Drug and Alcohol Testing in Pre-Employment Medicals
Fitness for Work Assessment of Candidates with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)
KINNECT's Process for WorkCover Western Australia Audiometry Test Results
What is done in a KINNECT Pre-Employment Medical and Functional Assessment?
Understanding Astigmatism and its Impact on Workplace Safety
Understanding KINNECT's Medical Clearance Process for Pre-Employment Assessments